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Here Are the Next Steps:

Pray, Pray, Pray!

Pray for the summit, for the organizers, for the attendees, the speakers, and everything that the youth are doing here in the Carolinas. Pray for yourself as well, and above all, pray for the Holy Spirit's presence at our summit.

Advocate at your church!

Want to serve as an Ambassador for the Summit and encourage others to attend as well! Visit this page: Summit Ambassadors

Get ready for Outreach!

We want to kick off the summit season with outreach opportunities for attendees! Check out our Reach the Triangle: Post-Summit Outreach page for more!

Tell Everyone you Know!

Let's come together to worship God as a body of youth. Bring school friends, church friends, family - anyone! Invite people to be revived by God's word so they can see God working in their lives too. Post on social media (#FYIS2019 & #fullyouthinvolvement), share by word of mouth - let's get the message out there!